About Me

My personal exploration into the present time (2005), and into our region through peripheral places and phenomena. A brief background On New Years Eve, 1998, I began to work with a project titled The Light of the Red City, a study of high-rise suburbs: Rosengard and Holma of Malmo, and Buddinge and Ballerup of Copenhagen. This study of the suburbs was done primarily from the perspective of the playground; several of the images featured Rosengard in Malmo, as it is my childhood landscape. This project was exhibited by Malmo Art Museum in 2001. In 2001, I commanced a follow-up project, titled A Partial Inventory of Scanian Corridors and Subterranean Passageways. As a phenomenon, I fnd underground walkways exquisitely peripheral. This study focused on the net of underground corridors beneath the University hospitals of Malmo and Lund. This project was shown jointly with the presentations of Publikation at Galleri Format in Malmo 2002, and by Malmo Art Halll in 2003. In 2002, I began working on a documentation and a comparison of outlying industrial zones of Malmo and Copenhagen. My study of them revealed that many of them, for some time now, are in the process of change: many traditional industrial zones are gone, transforming into - or replaced by - sites for luxury housing developments, service industries, entertainment and suchlike. This documentation was exhibited by Galleri 54 in Gothenburg (2003), as well as Galleri Rostrum in Malmo (2004). Next study or an inventory of sorts, if you like started in 2004. It features minor buildings, bridge signal cabins, power stations, gas valves etc. Im fascinated by all technical systems built into small, inconspicuous, often unnoticed buildings; too banal and everyday to be registered by our conscious vision. These buildings are often integrated with detached mobile phone-signal transmitter masts, put there by the phone companies.

© Magnus Denker